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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Kendrick Lamar Called Oklama?

Kendrick Lamar has adopted “Oklama” as an alias, but the exact reason remains unconfirmed by him personally.

Did Kendrick Lamar go to college?

No, Kendrick Lamar did not attend college.

he graduated high school in 2006 as a straight-A student and even considered studying psychology and astronomy, he ultimately chose to focus solely on his music career. This decision paid off, as he quickly gained recognition and built a successful career in the music industry.

Where can I buy official Kendrick Lamar merch?

Official online store: The official Kendrick Lamar store is your best bet for authentic merch:

How much does Kendrick Lamar merch cost?
  • Prices vary depending on the item type, design, and material. Expect t-shirts to start around $70, with hoodies, accessories, and vinyl costing more.
What is the return/exchange policy?

you can read return and exchange policy on this page